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What do I get for my franchise fee?

  • The right to set up, own and operate the Bubbleology™ brand for an initial period of 5 years – this is then renewable for a further 5 year period in line with the franchise agreement.
  • Full training on all operational aspects of the business.
  • All required manuals and handbooks.
  • We will provide pre-opening corporate location-based training, lasting up to 10 days. This includes both classroom and on-the-job instruction covering the Bubbleology™ brand and culture, products, operational procedures and more.
  • Representatives from Bubbleology™ will also spend up to 3 days assisting you and your staff prior to Grand Opening.
  • Assistance with your store opening.

What do I get in return for my royalty fee?

  • Periodic visits from head office.
  • Ongoing operational assistance including operational store surveys, periodic re-training as well as training on any new product launches and support with business development plans.
  • Access to relevant metrics and reports.
  • Local marketing advice and strategy development using our experience in marketing the product and the brand.
  • Franchise seminars and conventions.
  • Access to Bubbleology™’s central supply chain distribution.
  • Head office experience and buying power to consistently offer value for money as the franchise continues to grow.

Can you review my business plan?

We can review your business plan after the franchise agreement has been signed.

Can I source my own equipment?

No. Bubbleology™ operations have been honed and refined globally. The equipment used in our stores have been tried and tested so that we can be confident that it will enable you to produce delicious Bubbleology™ Tea & Waffles each and every time.

Can I source my own core ingredients?

No. The quality of our product is what makes Bubbleology™ unique. The variety of our Bubbleology™ tea & waffle flavors come from our proprietary ingredients. Moreover, it is important that every franchisee provides our customers with the same Bubbleology™ Tea product. Therefore, we insist that you purchase your core ingredients through our dedicated supply chain.

How long before I open?

This very much depends on your requirements and the availability of suitable property opportunities at the time. Rather than rush to open your store in what could be a substandard location, we will take the time to provide you with the metrics and guidance you need to select an appropriate location.

Does bubbleology dictate my pricing?

We do not have a fixed pricing strategy across the U.S. However, we will provide guidance and analysis of recommended pricing structures relevant to your location prior to opening.

Do I need to have experience in foodservice?

You do not need to have prior experience in the foodservice industry to join Bubbleology™. We look for franchise owners who can build a solid operations team, dedicate themselves to great customer service, and be actively involved in the supervision of daily operations.

What other ongoing fees will I pay?

In addition to the royalty fee, franchise owners will pay a monthly technology fee, and will contribute a percentage of gross revenues/ sales to a system marketing fund (in addition to a required local marketing spend). These fees allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades.

And, there will be a fee for being a part our Mystery Shopper program.