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Welcome and thank you for showing an interest in becoming a Bubbleology™ Franchisee, a leading European Bubble Tea business, now set to storm the USA!

We’re looking for entrepreneurial, visionary, and self-motivated franchisees to take the delicious science of our Bubble Tea across the U.S.! Our current focus is on single site franchisees, and experienced and established area developers.

Bubbleology™ was founded in the heart of London, Soho, in April 2011, and has since expanded across Europe and the Middle East. In December 2015 we launched pilot stores in Georgia & Florida to a fantastic response, and are now ready to work with franchise partners to expand the business across the USA!

We are not just a tea brand, we are a vibrant lifestyle brand, with key partnerships with major retailers. And we have partnered, over the years, with many popular fashion brands!

What sets us apart in this industry?

We are a stand-out brand! We pride ourselves on selling smiles, and not just products. Our drinks are constantly evolving, with new product introductions as a regular feature of the Bubbleology™ brand.

Bubbleology™ Teas are loved by people of all ages, and are served in a family-friendly environment. Together with our delicious drinks and brand experience, we have the perfect recipe for happy customers, which means healthy opportunities for franchise owners.

Making an impact goes beyond customers; we feel it’s important to give back to the local community with outreach programs which we are passionate about. We also have active international outreach programs, including the building of water wells in Africa.

Our typical franchisees are sophisticated entrepreneurs, who take running a business very seriously, and love the Bubbleology™ brand as much as we do!

Being a part of a growth-focused and in-demand brand means that, if you are chosen to be a franchise owner and part of the Bubbleology™ brand, and if you fully commit yourself to your business, you will have an exciting adventure ahead of you!

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Bubbleology is tea’s answer to the coffee based frappé

We strive to provide a fun and vibrant experience to all of our consumers, serving best-in-class Bubble Teas. Our drinks come in a variety of flavours, are fully customisable and are differentiated from the standard bubble tea through innovative offerings including delicious coffee varieties, light versions and soya alternatives. Furthermore, we continue to work tirelessly to improve our product offering and customer experience.

The reason for our global growth is simple – we work in the spirit of teamwork and partnership. We work with you to maximise your business' potential, and we encourage you to bring your energy and dedication to great customer service to the table!

The simplicity of the Bubbleology business model is one of the key attractions for budding and existing entrepreneurs.